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Dec 1, 2012 4:00pm PST
and did not intend to go the away. police believe the passengers were local residents. >> an oregon man is recovering from a shark attack in hawaii. while authorities decide whether to re-open two miles of beach. the 61-year-old tourist was snorkeling on maui when a shark attacked 200 yards offshore. he was taken to a hospital after being treat bid lifeguards. he told the state biologist the shark's head was about two feet wide. >> the estimate of the size of the head, the coloration and the shape, and i'm certainly not an expert but his guess, is it was a tiger shark. >> the attack happened on the south side of the island. >> robbers caught on tape. ahead, a look at their heist at a victoria's secret store. >> that dog is a loire -- hero. >> what that the dog did that has the family amazed and relieved. >> live doppler 7hd picking up rain north of the golden gate bridge this hour. it's going to be nasty tomorrow as storm number three hits. we'll take a look at the timing, 1ñ ñ keep you up to date on all >> ama: police in san diego are looking for a pair of panty thieves, surveill
Dec 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
oregon. wisconsin is hoping the third time will be the charm, but stanford is a 6-1/2 point favorite. >> two similar teams like to run the football and play great defense. we don't know anything but that. whatever people say about point spreads. don't matter. every game we play comes down to the last possession,. >> abc-7 sports anchor mike shumann will be in pasadena to cover the rose bowl. shu's reports will air tuesday, right here on abc-7. >> this last week arizona state running back marion lost his brother when hi was shot and killed over a pair of air jordans. today he took the field in the fight hunger bowl. the sun devils jumped out to a 21-0 third quarter. greiss ran for 159 yards and a pair of touchdowns. kelly through four tds, this one to ross,. 34-7 after the break. san jose native marshaled a a good day, he scored twice as the sun devils sink navy, 62-28. they finish 8-5. >>> tonight the warriors are at home against boston. golden state is ten games over .500. they're playing very well. >> ama: thank you. coming up. see how one city is >> ama: coming up in a half hour a
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
getting a first look some dramatic images from a bus crash in oregon. what police believe happened before the bus went off the side of the mountain. have you seen this incredible video? about thistion plane crash. >> what the woman accused of >> you are watching abc 7 news 11. >> the death toll continues to rise after an early morning bus crash. nine people have died, 20 others were hurt. control, crashed to a guard rail and fell down a steep embankment. people were on board. rescuers braved the freezing temperatures. the fit person to die from in thathe plane crashed rush out was one of the flight attendants. -- russia was one of the flight attendants. thestigators are examining flight data recorders to what exactly caused the plane to crash. the plane was landing on saturday when it veered off the runway. >> a woman accused of murdering man that she pushed in front train isw york subway psychiatric evaluation. she appeared in court last night. prosecutors say she has confessed to the crime and says shepushed him because cool.t it would be she also says she hates moslems. was laughing so
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
weekend. investigators are speaking out about a bus crash in oregon that left nine tourists dead. this happened yesterday at a dangerous mountain pass on an already icy interstate. the driver of the bus lost control, skidded into a guardrail, and then plummeted down 100 foot embankment. the steep, with terrain made it very difficult to reach the survivors. >> there was so much snow on the ground that it made its treacherous. so we used a haul system to get the patients from the car site back up to the highway. >> there were returning to vancouver after a tour. the owner of the bus company has not commented yet. police in montgomery county have canceled their silver alert this known. they had been looking for 77- year-old mrs. tyler after she was last seen yesterday morning in gaithersburg. u.s. found unharmed this morning in virginia. coming up, for many of us, keeping new year's resolutions can be a challenge, but we will show you some ways to use your smartphone to stay on track. and the new year means big changes for some same-sex couples in maryland. new laws go into effect tomorro
Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
the rose bowl. they lost the previous two. the last one to oregon. wisconsin is hoping the third time bill be the charm, but snaferred -- stanford is still the favorite. >> we don't anything but running the ball and defense. whatever people say about point spreads, don't matter. just about every game we'd played comes down to the last possession. so we know it's going to be a heck of a game. >> rick: abc-7 sports anchor mike shumann will be in pasadena to cover the rose bowl. >> last week, arizona state running back marion greiss lost this brother after he was shot and killed over a pair of air jordans. despite the loss, griss took the floor in the game against navy. the devils led 21-0 after the first quarter. kelly through four touchdowns, three to ross. it was 34-7 at the half. san jose native, cameron marshal, strong day, carrying the ball. he scored twice as the sun devils sink navy, 52-28. >> it's great. this is my last game, college game, and i went out with a bang, and on top of that i'm at home. i feel real good right now. >> come back here, happy,, to get the win in hi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5